The Session

As a Presbyterian church, we are governed by a session, which consists of pastors and elders who are to lead the church in the service of Christ. (OPC Book of Church Order Chapter X)

  • Rudie Duysings
  • Scott Hunter (augmented from the Kent OPC)
  • Ken Loghry
  • David Mahaffy
  • Pastor Van Kooten

The Deacons

The deacons are called to show forth the compassion of Christ in a manifold ministry of mercy toward the saints and strangers on behalf of the church. To this end they exercise, in the fellowship of the church, a recognized stewardship of care and of gifts for those in need or distress. (OPC Book of Church Order Chapter XI)

  • Ron deRu
  • Malcom Huston
  • Randy Haveman
  • Steven Haveman
  • Brian Weaver