We have is a number of men, many of which are concealed carry permit holders, that each take 2 months of Sundays 6 months apart to act as Safety sentries. They are roaming or stationed in the lobby area with visible access to front and side entries. These entries are both unlocked until shortly after service starts.  The front entry is then locked and only the side entry is unlocked. 


The sentry watches for suspicious activity and can, optionally, join the service at the sermon. During that time, the sentry is to be aware of any entry, signaled by the buildings alarm system buzzer.

At service end, the sentry unlocks the front door. 

Should a suspicious person enter, that person is greeted by the sentry and a deacon to find out the reason for the person being there. If there is a service-related reason, that person is escorted to a seat and joined by the sentry. 

If the person is seeking assistance a number of deacons meet with the person and conditions any financial assistance on attending a service to hear the Word preached.

  • January – Steve Thompson
  • February – Nick de Ru
  • March – Ron de Ru
  • April – Malcolm Huston
  • May – Bryan Duysings
  • June – Steve Haveman
  • July – Steve Thompson
  • August – Nick de Ru
  • September – Ron de Ru
  • October – Malcolm Huston
  • November – Bryan Duysings
  • December – Steve Haveman