Children in Worship

Children in Worship

In public worship, God’s people draw near to their God unitedly as his covenant people, the body of Christ. For this reason, the covenant children should be present so far as possible, as well as adults. Because God makes his covenant with believers and their children, families should be taught and encouraged to sit together as families.

OPC’s Directory for the Public Worship of God

We encourage and support parents to have their children with us in worship, including infants and toddlers. Christ himself said to let the little children come unto him! Our children are members of the church and have the right and responsibility to learn how to come before the Lord in corporate worship.

As a parent of an infant or toddler, you may feel self-conscious about the normal noises a child makes, but we enjoy hearing the sounds of children in our worship as it means we’re passing down our faith to the next generation. If your child is crying or fussing, feel free to use the lobby or the fellowship area adjacent to the chapel–the audio is broadcast from the speakers in both areas. There are 2 conference rooms on the desk side of the main lobby that can be used if you need further privacy. But please feel free to rejoin us in the chapel once your child has quieted down.

Since we encourage children to be in worship, we don’t have a regular nursery, but several ladies in the church have volunteered to help provide a nursery for children 3 and under whenever needed. If you would like to utilize this service, ask one of the greeters to introduce you to one of our nursery volunteers.

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