Our form of government is “Presbyterian,” which means “Rule by Elders.” Elders are men elected by the congregation who have the gifts and qualifications required by God (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9). The elders, together with the Pastor, make up the Session, which is responsible for governing the local congregation.

Our Pastor

Pastor Robert Van Kooten

Our Session

  • Elder Rudie Duysings
  • Pastor Andy Elam (augmented from the Port Angeles OPC)
  • Elder Scott Hunger (augmented from the Kent OPC)
  • Elder David Mahaffy

Our Deacons

The deacons oversee the mercy ministry of the church, to both the saints and to those outside the church.

  • Ron deRu
  • Randy Haveman
  • Steve Haveman
  • Malcolm Huston
  • Brian Weaver